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Multiple Career Choices
August 4, 2017
What education is not?
August 4, 2017

A Complete Guide to CAREER Planning

C areer planning has become a survival skill in today's world. Choosing a Career should be by Choice and not by Chance. But What are the factors one should consider while choosing a career?

A Complete Guide to Career Planning is about how to decide the direction your career will take. The purpose behind writing this book is to make you conversant with the various career options that you can pursue and enable you to select the right career you most fit in. The author has meticulously explcred and mapped the cavernous paths of the globe of careers, which exist presently.

The book provides a straightforward introduction to the concepts of career choices and the importance of planning. It emphasises the importance of self-exploration by empowering readers to look at themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, and their background and values, and then realistically evaluate the various opporlunities in the world of career. With this comprehensive guide a sfudent can learrr how to explore career options, plan a career path, and find the right school and colleges for higher studies that will help him achieve his goals easily and convincingly. The book includes all the information you need to plan your future and take control of your career.


About The Author

Devajit Bhuyan
compieted i-ris Bachetror of Engineering (Electrical) liom Assain Engineering College, Gauhati i-Tniversitrz and later did Diplorna in Industrial Management froin lnternational Comespondence S ehool, Mumila i ; {-I-.8. from Gauhati I-lniversity; Diploma In futranagement from IGNCLI, New' Delhi. F{e had quralifieC as Certified Energy Auclitor uncler Bureau of Energv Effleiency (BEE), New Detrhi. ilevajit tshu-van who was also eiected as Feliorv ofl {nstitution of Engineers {India} has 28 ,veals expelienee in Fetroleum anctr hiatural Gas Sector and rn the edueation seetor.

I{is other pubiisned books - Mwltiple {lu'eer Chaices, and others have been appreciaterl by readers across irrrJia. TlTe author aiso contributes a popular column 'Ca.reer Queries' in the Sunda-v reading of the Assam Trlbune, the largest circuiated English ciaiiy ofNorth East lndia fbr more than 1 5 years "

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