Eat to live or live to eat

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August 4, 2017
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August 4, 2017

One of the hazards modern day middle class parents had to face is the feeding of their children. Most of the mother complains that their children did not eat. Whenever two mothers of young kid talks certainly they were taking about it or how much marks their kids got in the examination. That day my wife was thrashing my daughter for not eating food, when I came to her rescue and told my wife “Why are you beating her, if she did not like to eat let her allow not to eat. People don’t live to eat but eat to live”. But my wife did not agree with me and replied “ No people live to eat”. I was surprised and asked; “Do you think people live to eat?” My wife again replied “yes I do”. “But why do you think so?” “Listen, why are you working so hard? Is it for two pieces of roti and dal or a plate of rice? People need very little to eat for living and had people really want to eat for live, immediately many thing will go out of this world. You don’t need Pepsi or coke to live. You don’t need to eat chicken and fish to live. And what about tea, coffee and other drinks. All the restaurants, fast food centers hotels serving food items should be immediately closed if people did not live to eat. No body will die skipping one meal in the day and they can come back home and have meal in the night. And what about chocolates, chips and other products made for children. And what about pan, cigarette, alcohol and your favorite chat houses and sweet houses. And still you think people eat to live, not live to eat”

For few moments I did not reply because I had realized that I had already lost the battle. Then I started to think myself the question whether people live to eat or eat to live. The reality and fact is that majority of people live to eat not eat to live. If you tell people to give up their favorite food, drink or beverage they would say, “ than what is the need of living if I can’t eat the food I like”. There was an opinion poll in the USA where it was asked whether he would like one energy capsule per month or his favorite dishes, more than 95 percent people told that they would like their favorite food, not an energy capsule per month. This also shows that people enjoy eating not only to get energy for survival but also enjoy it. From the circumstantial evidence and the world around me I had also came to the conclusion that majority of the people live to eat, not eat to live.

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