Life begins at twenty five

Eat to live or live to eat
August 4, 2017
August 4, 2017

The life of an organization is similar to the life of a man. And when it  comes out to be an oil refinery in Assam, it becomes more correct. First there is the labour pain of maternity and then the joy of the motherhood , joy of a new born coming to the family, coming to the society, coming to the world. Same was also to Bongaigaon Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited or popularly known as BBPL all over the country. First there was a long agitation by the people of Assam-‘we will give blood, not oil’, then there was the decision to setup an oil refinery in the then undivided Goalpara district of Assam. Finally the auspicious day came and foundation stone of BRPL was laid on 19th January , 1972 by then Prime Minister of India Late Indira Gandhi. On 20th  February, 1974 BRPL was registered as a company with headquarters at Dhaligaon in the district of Bongaigaon. A child was born. An organization, an institution came into existence. Law of the land has given all incorporated bodies a distinct identity like a natural person or citizen except the voting in assembly and parliamentary elections as it is a virtual personality. So BRPL also came into existence with a distinct identity, distinct personality, hopes, mission and goals.

But birth is only the beginning of  a new life, beginning of an organization. Once the euphoria, joy over the birth of a new born is over, then comes the responsibility of bringing up a new born. From birth to till completion of five years, a child is totally dependent on his/her parent. There is the teething problem, sickness and danger of injury in the unknown world. Same was the case with BRPL, where a group of dedicated employees and executives took over the up keeping of the organization as their own child. There is nothing to look back. They had to work from grass cutting to shoe polishing to scavenging and bringing sophisticated machinery and commission them. The teething problems were over and the child grew year after year. In the life of a man ,one has to complete his primary education, secondary education, graduation, post graduation and so on. Similarly an organization also grows step by step. First of all the Crude Distillation Unit(CDU) was  commissioned, then Kerosene Treating Unit(KTU), Delayed Cocker Unit(DCU), Xylene Unit, Dimethyl Terephthalate (DMT) Unit and Polyster Staple Fibre(PSF) Unit were commissioned one after another. The first major hurdle of life, the completion of education was over. In the mean time BRPL attained adult hood by completing 18 years. A citizen attains adult hood at the age of 18 and obtains voting right. BRPL also attained adult hood and started giving profit and paying dividend to the people through the government of India.

The completion of twenty five years is very crucial in the life of a human being in our society. By the time of completion of 25 years a person in our society becomes fully independent and most of the people enters a New World by way of marriage and faces new challenges. It is the challenge of keeping the continuity of past, continuity of human race, continuity of civilization through father hood/ mother hood and also cope with the changes. Yet there is the joy of fatherhood/motherhood and sharing greater responsibility to the society as an ideal parent and good citizen. BRPL is also completing today 25th years of its existence, its 25th birthday ,its silver jubilee. But along with the celebration of silver jubilee, there are the challenges ahead. To face the competition and stand on its own foot. To enter the 21st century and next millennium as an independent adult as there will be no parental support after abolition of APM and free market economy for petroleum sector. Do and perish, flourish   or die if you can’t. In today’s world only the efficient and best can survive and importantly the message of silver jubilee is that-LIFE BEGINS AT TWENTYF IVE.


(Written on the occasion of BRPL completing 25 years and celebrating silver jubilee)

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