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August 4, 2017

August 5, 2017

Whenever we speak about value in present day context, one thing always come to our mind, that is money. This is because we measure all our worldly materials in terms of money. As long as we consider material objects or material values as the primary objectives of life, it is difficult to define value or formulate a concept of value in the true sense. Because whenever there is a clash between a material objective and abstract concept of value, we normally adhere to the material objective rather than to abstract concept of value. But it is not that money alone is the measure of value. When we look at our life from a broader prospective like mission, goal and objectives then there came the concept of value.

The concept of value is a dynamic one. The concept of value is also not an absolute one. It is a relative concept. What was value during the days of crusade and sati is not value today. What is value in France may not be value in Afghanistan. Though value or value system is not an universal one, there are some universal factors or things, on which the value or value system is based or depends. In simple words, we can say, value is the average of the sum total of believe, geography (physical and political), ethics, economy, education, technology, need and greed, environment etc. But there are some factors in value system like truth, honesty, courtesy, virtue, integrity, justice, commitment, love etc which are universal and eternal.

We as a society and human being are loyal to value system. This is because unlike lower

order animals, we can’t live with bread alone. If we don’t have a scientific and rational value system, we can’t have a harmonious, peaceful and better society to live in. However as the concept of value is an abstract one, we can’t have a unit like money (rupees, pound or US$). Being an abstract concept in the whole, sometimes we as a human being or society are irrational in determining value of even materialistic things. We give more values to gold and diamond, which had little use than iron and aluminum. So certainly there may be some ambiguity in abstract concept of value, but this does not mean that money alone is measure of value.          A society becomes good or bad, based on the values of individuals and society as a whole. And what gives society its strength is its value system. Any society that has lost its moral bearing is heading for disaster, because all failures in history were moral failures. During recent years technology has changed the value or value system most in comparison to other factors. In the digital world of Information Technology and computers, the new generation is better equipped to know things/information or acquire knowledge simply by click of a mouse. But in the absence of any well-defined value system, they think that whatever they see on the TV or computer screen are of values and what they did not see are of no values. They think car, mobile, sex, beauty queen and money are only thing of values. But this lead to broken homes, unfulfilled life, depression, guilt and an unruly chaos society. In a society where relationships are determined by how much money is in your pocket, it would be futile to speak about values.

While choosing a career one must give due importance to values he /she respects. Over emphasis on money will lead to collapse of mental peace, happiness and family life and then money would be a useless piece of paper without any significance.

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