1. We love our India most

We love our mother land India most

Will keep it's honor at any cost

We may be in Canada's coast

Yet we love our India most

The tricolor remains in our heart

To keep India's respect is duty first

Himalaya reminds our peaks or so high

Ganga Yamuna Brahmaputra never dry

Our history in the world oldest one

Ramayana and Mahabharata are epic fine 

Indus valley civilization still flow 

India's civilization is now a rainbow 

Language caste religion can't divide 

I love my India spirit always unite

Kashmir to Kanyakumari Gujarat to Assam

We always love our India maximum

New York London Singapore Australia

Wherever we stay love India our umbrella 

We may be today at Canada's coast

Yet we love our motherland India most.

2. Independence Day

When I salute the tricolor 

Joy of my heart fly over

India I always remember 

Love my India forever 

Fifteen August is symbol only 

Thousands year Ganga flows slowly

Oldest civilization our Indus valley 

Ramayana Mahabharata are epic fine 

In their foot print India always shine 

India's head is as tall as the Himalayas 

Our spirit always above the skys 

Religion divided India once

But the spirit of unity bounce

Europe Australia China America Dubai 

Indian flag will always fly high

Million heart sing together 

India is motherland our

Independence day remind us unity 

India is a lovely country in diversity.

O thy great soul
Fly in the Universe with Wings of Fire
Igniting Minds of Millions
Nothing is Impossible
How big the dream may be
Determination and work only matters
One day we will land on stars
Flying on the Wings of Fire
Light years will become minute
We shall overcome the time threshold
Ignited Minds will pay the tribute.


4.Salute Indian Oil

Indian Oil Indian Oil

True son of our soil

Supply energy to the nation

Indian Oil is never on vacation

Nation's wheel moves on oil

On LPG country's food boil

Kerosene lightens remote village 

ATF gives air force its courage 

Serving nation in war and peace 

So much progress nation has reach

Salute Indian Oil on foundation day

Indian Oil is nation's brightest ray.

5.Engineers Day

When you stand on Bruj Khalifa 

Playing with your smart phone

Think for a while about their back bone

Engineers are the builders of modern world

Yet they remain behind in National Herald 

Work silently for progress and prosperity 

On their hard work the world see diversity

Wheel electricity computer and many more

In the net now we keep everything as store

Engineers never look behind but improves

That is why they are the best innovators 

On the Engineers Day think about their contribution

Saluting Visvesvaraya on this day will give you satisfaction.

6.Life begins at sixty

Life begins at sixty 

Mind is still naughty 

Pocket is full with gratuity 

So can afford luxury 

No need to stay in dormitory 

We can stay in star hotel comfortably 

Break your mind's boundary 

Travel abroad and your country

Work for the society voluntarily 

Life's journey will be satisfactory 

Don't keep anything temporarily 

Last day may come simultaneously.

7.After sixty love and laugh

Very often laugh and smile

Health will remain very fine

Exercise and walking is very good

Reduce intake of oily and fatty food

Plying with friends give refreshing mood

Do not argue with your better half 

She will make your laugh very tough 

With your mind and soul never bluff 

Always keep with you love and care puff 

Never behave with your neighbours rough.


Running from problem is painkiller 

Problem will again reappear 

Tackle problem always head on 

Then only you will get solution 

Problems are part of the life

It comes in different type

Sometimes it gives big bite

Keep your courage right

Never allow problems to override you

In your path problems will be very few

Face your problems with open mind

God will also be very  helpful and kind.

9.Run Hima run 

Focus focus only focus

You will win certainly lotus 

Practice will lead to perfection 

Even in lost you have satisfaction 

Hard work has no alternative 

Mind should be always progressive 

Keep unwanted thing passive

Good example always receive 

Run Hima run to improve own time

Pracice and focus is now prime 

Arjun could hit the bird's eye through focus

Modern Arjun you will win Olympic lotus.

10.Happiness bubble

If in life there is missing link

Retrospect and coolly think

After sixty no need of transfer 

No one with you can interfere 

No need of any more promotion

So under control negative emotion

Look to the full Moon in bright sky

Ask the little star they exist why

How much ever small their little light

They try to enlighten the world bright

Forget your all worldly domestic trouble 

Blow to the sky love and happiness bubble

In the rising sun you will see rainbow of life

To eternal peace God will drive your bike.

11.Life is beautiful 

Even after bite of venom from people

I shout loudly life is beautiful

Life is not for quarrelling with negative mind

Rather it is to forgive and be kind

Forget the painful bad days

Remember the bright sunny rays

Do not run after for revenge 

From bad to worse life will change

Run after butterfly like a kid

Happiness joy will get momentum & speed

People with venom will come with flower

They will praise your happylife with shower.

12.Daughter's Day

Daughters are best gift in our life
Preference for son is now a myth
Daughters are Angel in the family
Give parents accompany happily
Without daughter home is cloudy
For daughter we can laugh loudly
Daughters are always bold and beautiful
She keeps family every moment cheerful
Every father love his daughter most
After marriage many son become ghost
For mother daughter is best companion
Daughter always give mother best opinion
On the Daughter's Day I miss my daughter
Because now she stays from me very far.

13.Kalpana Lajmi

Kalpana is Meera of modern time
Bhupen Hazarika's companion fine
Always stood by Bhupen along the line
Cultivated with Bhupen musical vine
Along the Brahmaputra never she fall
Showed the beauty of Assam with Ek Pal
In Lohit Kinare Brahmaputra stands tall
Rudali put her and Bhupen to new height
With bestactress award Dimple glow bright
Daman gave Raveena Tandon new light
In Assam with press Kalpana had big fight
She own the battle with press convincingly
People of Assam accepted her rihgtly
Known in Assam as Bhupen's shadow
But shewas never BhupenHazarika's widow 

Iron lady with a lamp is her true identity
We pray for her eternal peace to infinity.


14.The four dimensions

Gravitation matter energy time

Within this universe is confine 

All time greatest scientist Einstein 

We live in the beautiful  relative world

Don't destroy the good time with sword

Matter energy two sides of the coin

In the domain of time it always join 

Time has only forward arrow

From past or future you can't borrow 

Enjoy and live life now, forget sorrow 

Every action has equal opposite reaction

Do good you willget the best satisfaction

Always remember Einstein and Newton.

15.Change the situation 

Corruption and inefficiency 

India's two major deficiency 

Development is the casualty 

People are suffering its cruelty 

Honesty is a scarce commodity 

Truth has lost its longevity 

No one bothers about the nation

People love in law and rule violation

Everyone is busy with his satisfaction 

That is why country is in poor condition 

Together we have to change the situation

As senior citizen we will get satisfaction.

16.Extra Innings 

Do not know after sixty what is your role 

Yet stand high like highmast pole 

Try to give light to the furthest eye 

So that towards bright day he can fly

God is kind enough to show you right path

You can now help some one to take holy bath

Play the extra innings cheerfully and blind

No fear of clean blod or caught behind 

Every good shot(job) will be feather on your cap 

When you are tired or runout rest in nature's lap

Make the extra innings more memorable

In the heart of people you will be unforgettable.

17.Our Democracy

India is world's largest democracy 

India also has the highest hypocrisy 

Administration is under burocracy 

Politics is controlled through autocracy 

Redtapism is the way of governance 

Corruption is always in consonence 

Kickbacks give our democracy resonance

Caste religion reservation are hindrance 

Because of these democracy lost fragrance 

Education can only make democracy effervescence.

18.Need and greed

Life has given me what I need

Why should I feel sad for my greed 

Greed creates jealousy, a bad breed

It is the right time mind should be freed

Got food cloth shelter and a happy family 

Indian Oil gives medical support easily

When in job we are in need of promotion 

Now realised those were useless emotion

This is the best time to contribute for society 

In Indian Oil we had worked for nation with sincerity

When we cry for others greed disappear with tears 

God  gives us bonus to serve many healthy years.


Every time I think for a solution
One word always disturb me 'population'
India has thousands of problem
Nobody knows how to solve
Poverty, illiteracy, corruption
Caste, religion what will do government
Population is eating out all development
Unemployment is off shoot of population
One Day nation will go to hibernation
The worst sufferer shall be new generation.



Health,  Relations  and Money (HRM)

The three sides of our problem triangle 

Attitude can only clean problems jungle

If we remove one side it becomes angle

At sixty plus with money no need to mingle 

For health and relationship we should jingle 

Attitude can cool bad relation with tinkle 

With walk and laugh good health twinkle 

When our HRM is fine our life will sparkle.

21.We are in the same boat

Status position chairs all are temporary

Friends will be always contemporary 

We are in the same boat after retirement 

Relationships are only permanent 

While in power everybody will salute

Power is gone position status will dilute

In the greed for status and position

Don't make friendship constipation 

Relationship friendship is very fragile 

Once broken, it will never become agile.

22.Big Business  

Buddha Jesus Muhammad all has failed

Violence cruelty crime sin all prevailed

Their teachings and lessons now derailed

For vested interest their philosophy is jailed

Religion is no more spreading brotherhood 

For many people it is now only livelihood 

Like sex religion is big business worldwide 

In the name of Hindu Muslim Christian it divide

A platform for quarrel and dispute it provide

Humanity and human values everybody should embrace 

With peace and nonviolence world will progress.

23.Gandhi Jayanti

On the path of truth and nonviolence 

With satyagraha and civil disobedience 

Independence movement made resonance 

Without war India got it's independence 

Gandhi's personality was like a tall tower

Nehru-Jinnah both were hungry for power

Division of India made Gandhi's position lower

Millions of Hindu Sikh died during partition

In India this had created lot of frustration

Worshipper of nonviolence gunned down

His legacy is still respected in village & town

On his birth day we give him floral  tribute 

For India's independence lot he contribute.

24.Need of the hour

We are human with jealousy hatred & greed 

Never satisfied fulfilling our basic need

We call ourselves as the supreme breed

Innovation and inventions are also our feed 

We are not disciplined hard worker like bee

But we innovate new things for a hefty fee 

Greed always a drivingforce to move ahead

Jealousy always push us not to stay behind

Yet love forgiveness kindness need of hour

With humanvalues mankind should shower.

25.Fuel prices fall 

Hima Das joined Indian Oil

Fuel price stopped to boil

To welcome her price rise foil

She will run faster on Tokyo soil

Hima is now Indian Oil's idol 

In future car will be on electric coil 

Demand will go down for oil

Petrol diesel price will never boil

To make India self-sufficient let us toil

One day Hima will be HR manager in Oil.


Dig boy dig dig boy dig 

Later came there oil rig

Lot of machines and jig

British made there thing big

Asia's first refinery came 

The place got Digboi name

Though Digboi refinery now lame 

Yet it has the glorious fame

Assam Oil was the leader 

Now in IOCL's cap a feather 

Dig boy dig we always remember.

27.Live like King or Pope

Every morning brings hope

To climb over the life rope

Life is not a funny joke 

Nor life is carbonated coke

Life is also not a matter to poke

A long way we have already drove 

Now we have nothing to prove

So no need to go for dope 

No anxiety tension to cope 

After sixty live like King or Pope.

28.Enjoy life with zero tension

After sixty if you get good pension 

No need to carry old days tension 

Give up greed of having possession 

Go as you like should be obsession 

Do good to society with own observation 

No need for proposals submission

No need to ask anybody's permission 

Enjoy life with friends @zero commission.

29. Harmony

Arm in arm hand in hand
Let us play harmony band;
Hindu Muslim Christian, Sikh
All are Assam’s foundation Brick
Liberal people will bring new horizon
Peace and progress to be every one’s reach
No division rich and poor, upper and lower
Everybody will march no more stops (bandhs)
Sonowal commit progress will be must.


30. Independence Day of an Unknown Indian

Freedom at mid night

Yet sunshine is distant dream

Jatinkai’s child is still naked

Not even a pair of cloth

Though play behind the high rise building

Shouting Bharat Mata Ki Jai;

“Ma why don’t we have a shed

And remain starved in night?”

Is 69 years not enough, to feel the spirit of freedom?

“Tomorrow I have no work…

Flying tricolor only insult to me

May be another few days of starvation..

My son will wait late night near the KFC bin

To collect some discarded bone”

Two drop of tears came from Jatinkai’s eye

Yet he responded with broken voice

To the passing parade…Bonde Matorom!

Is freedom imprisoned in password of Swiss bank account……

Or freedom again caged in Man Ki Baa to deceive millions of Jatinkai? 

31. Funeral March

Neither I have remember my birth

Nor I will ever see my death

Life is only in between

Have and have not, to be or not to be

Past present future all are illusion

Living is the only reality;

Then why cry and regret ‘O thy Man’

Why worry for dead past or better tomorrow

Live life as it comes

Every morning, Sunshine or cloud

Life will walk in the domain of time

Work and enjoy as life come

Live and let live others

Never will we see our funeral march

To pay homage to our repenting soul!

32. O’ Lord

O’ Lord

Give Thy strength

Not of ocean

Not of thunder

Not of sun

But of soul 

And of mind.

33. Let me die in peace

Let me die in peace

No heaven is needed,

Heaven and hell

Two sides of a coin

I want to rest

In God’s soul.

34. Made of same

All living beings

Man and animals

Trees and others,

Their soul is God

Made of the same

Earth, air and water

Woven in fine balance;

Love and care for all

Let it be our prayer

For Lord’s kindness.

35. Dancing deer

The dancing deer

Came to me:

“Ask the Lord

Why he created us

Only to Extinct”

I said ‘O’ dear

It is we, not the Lord

Who are cruel to you

And digging our own grave.

36. Give me a place to stand

Give me a place to stand

I will turn the world for you,

Give me a place to sit

I will give you the moon,

Give me a place to sleep

I will give you extreme pleasure,

Give me a piece of land

I will plant tree for future.

37. Old is gold

Old is gold

Gold is costly

Cost is inflationary

Inflation is universe

Universe is world

World is mankind

Mankind is environment

Environment is for protection.

38. Don’t separate me

Don’t separate me

From the nature

She is our mother,

She fed, she heals, she cures

She is the spirit of freedom.

Don’t tell me: “Live in concrete jungle”

In the air of suffocation

Where humanity is buried long ago,

I want to live in peace

I want to live as I was in childhood

In the lap of my mother.

39. Mind is the Angel

Mind is the Angel

Mind is the joy

Mind is narrow

You will be sorrow;

Mind in the sky

Happiness will fly.

40. Truth will prevail

Truth will prevail

Not the sin

Good will prevail

Not the evil,

Mind will prevail

World will be better.

41. Spirit of life

Never ending spirit of life

Man has traveled to Everest

To the sky, moon, mars

The sun is not far away;

Yet there is missing link

Darwin can’t tell

Nor the cloning can solve

The mystery still remains

As it was before Jesus was born

As the universe is

As the human being is;

Spirit will never die

Good will prevail 

Till we know

Why the universe bloom. 

42. The far horizon

I was sleeping without a dream

I woke up and opened the window

To see the moon and stars

To feel the cool night breeze;

The green trees looks

Like a strange creature

In the far horizon,

The owl’s voice is cruel

Yet the night is beautiful 

It is going to rain

Moon and stars

Distance dream of sky

Let the rain come

I want to overcome

The endless nights.


43. The nights are black

The days has become like the nights

The nights are black

As if the world itself

A perfect black-body.

Yet the light will come

With new spirit

As it is

And birds will woke up

To sing it’s regular song,

We will see a new day

A joyful day

As it was

When I was a child. 

44. I want a song

I want a song

As new as the sun

As old as the sun

As bright as the sun

As dark as the sun

It is the light

That makes our life

Full of color

Fun and love

Is so blood is red?

45.Jessica's Group

She came with a flag and smile

Ask us to wait for a little while

Everyone came to the exit 

She took the role of Ms Fixit

The bus started to move 

To the hotel Pilot will drove 

Jessica's Group is thus formed 

The Canada tour will be groomed 

From Surat to Guwahati to Mubai

Delhi to Kerala to Dubai 

Mini India is Jessica's Group

She will give everyone travelling soup 

Jariwala Pathak Bhuyan Garg Subramanium

All will together play India's unity harmonium 

Around Canada in eleven days 

From East coast to West coast bays 

Niagara Toronto Ottawa Montreal enroute 

Our identity is Jessica's Group

We are all like a Indian peace troop

Jessica is our undisputed leader 

We look at her for day to day fodder 

World is now a global village no doubt

We are only doing in it round about

Time will fly fast and joyfully 

Everyone will remember Jessica's group hopefully.

46.Travelling together in Canada

The world is really beautiful 

Yet life is more wonderful 

Without knowing anybody

But now some one is somebody

We meet for a few days

May be for a reason or season

May be for a life-long fusion

The beauty will remain in beholders eyes

Each of us will say bye bye

Defying cruel hands of time

Memory will remain in hearts 

The life is too short for hate and quarrel 

Sooner or later will come funeral 

Enjoy the beauty of world with open mind

Work positively for wonderful mankind

Leave behind memories of all dark days

Let beautiful memories of travelling stays.

47.We will depart after a while

Greet every one with a smile 

We will depart after a while 

The smiling face will be remembered 

Their sweet memory will be forwarded 

The world is a small global village 

Smile do not require money and courage 

After few months trip will be mirage 

Memory will have only the smiling coverage 

The laughing Antakshari in Canadian bus

We will recall even in life's moment of harsh 

Smiling singing travelling together elixir of life

We are human not robot or its prototype 

No need to drop tear of sorrow when we depart

Carry memory of travelling together even to desert 

Greet every one with a hug and smile

48. A paradise on the earth

A paradise on the earth 

Beautiful both side of path 

As you go up to rocky mountain

Lakes are like nature's fountain 

The straight pine trees will greet 

Some times black bear you may meet

Wonderful Bow River flow all along

But you will not hear bird's song

A crow may greet you at base camp

The lady driver is a real life champ 

She will drive you to the Glacier 

Ice explorer she will navigate as carrier 

The vehicle will overcome all icy barrier

Walking on glacier give excellent pleasure

Very low there the ambient temperature

Tundra forest of Banff beautiful wild young

During journey guide play nostalgic song

Bunff is true paradise one will never forget

Visit of Banff and Rockies no one will regret.

49.Canada Dry 

Try try don't cry

Never afraid try try 

Fear will say bye bye

Failure will be standby 

Hope will rise very high

Try try don't cry 

Success will come by

You will be lucky guy

Everybody will say hello hi

You will fly in the sky

Enjoy with Canada Dry.

50.Flyover Canada

No need of a balloon with hot air

No need to become a jet plane flyer 

No need of a sea plane without tyre 

No need to take a chopper on hire

Flyover Canada is an experience unique 

Flying over Niagara falls make heart to beep 

Hassle free fly over the Canadian Rockies 

Four dimensional simulator is not a cookies

Seven minutes will show whole of Canada

No need to go to Montreal Toronto Ottowa

Visit only Flyover Canada in Vancouver port

You will see whole of Canada in short

Fly over Canada is a thing to be seen

You will see Canada is so white and green.


Departure the other side of the coin

When we have arrived we have to depart

Sun rises only to set in the evening sky

Yet whole day the activities of man fly

Setting aside the bad memories of the day

We welcome the night for sweet drem

Departure is welcome after hectic tour 

We will carry bags of memories to pour

The arrival is waiting us at our sweet home

When we arrive with memories joy will joom 

This is not the departure final or ultimate 

Some day one may back to Canada climate

Though we will leave most of friends forever 

Canada fly memory will always remember

When we arrive we had little hesitation 

Now we are departing with satisfaction 

So enjoy the departure with delighted mind

God gave us wonderful journey he is so kind.

52.Bye bye eight hours 

At sixty from service you are retired
As if for ever boss had fired
Yet why desire to be hired
Why become after eight hours tired
Do not lose dignity to be wired
Do good to society you will be admired. 

53. Round the clock job

When the Sun sets in the remote village
And the head light of a tractor glow
Remember that there is Indian Oil's flow
While crossing the river by motorized boat
We realized that Indian Oil is afloat
Looking to the white cloud in the mid air
Feel Indian Oil's ATF's presence there
When electricity stops at operation theatre
Sound of generator brings new life to roar
The spirit of life remain alive with every drop
To keep nation on move is IOCL's round the clock job.

54. Nation first

Weapons alone cannot save nation
Citizens must have patriotic emotion
Unity brotherhood should get promotion
No one should be kept in isolation
Never should be there law violation
Work for the nation with satisfaction
Do not push security integrity for dilution
Love for nation is not for politicization.

55.Farewell to a senior colleague

What can we give you

In this moment of farewell

Except a bouquet of good wishes;

Life only begins now

Breaking the periphery

To the horizon

To see the full moon,

The sunrise in blue mountain and

Thundering black cloud.

Life only begins now

To give a giant leap

For doing something big, something great

And to contribute every moment

Not for self, but for others;

Good deeds will certainly come

As thousand angles to write our obituary

When our time is really over

And we make the final journey for heavenly abode.

56.Welcome diversity

Don't see everything as you like
Unitary concept is only a hype
Nature love symmetry not similarity
That is why in earth there is biodiversity
Diversity is sign of progress prosperity
Welcome diversity with warm hospitality
The world is place of diverse university
The fittest will survive not mediocrity.

57.Durga Puja

In the glamour of light and sound 

Spirituality no where to found 

Durga Puja now a ritualistic bound 

Devi is incapable to kill today's demon

Rapist hackers do not listen reason

On parole all evils are out of prison 

Everyone has freedom for treason 

Devi is now on the cross road junction

Puja is in the catch twenty two situation 

Devi should better enjoy cultural function.

58. One day civilization will vanish

Mankind has reached peak of its longevity 

Civilization is now approaching escape velocity 

One day it will vanish like the Indus Valley city

God will not show to cruel man any pity 

To clean the world is God's routine duty

When punishment cannot control crime

When violence dishonesty killings prime 

Then for civilization escape  velocity time

There will be no more prophet nomination 

God will destroy his own divine creation.

59. Me too

Me too me too the shout is now loud

After so long how the truth can be found

Lot of debate and gossip certain to bound 

Finally it will be proved world is round

Are we only reinventing the wheel?

Or shouting to take out culprits on bail 

We must fix the wheel to the axle 

Don't hummer too much to break the spindle 

To bring gender equality still lot of hurdle

Sexual abuse is common even in King's castle.

60. Break the glass ceiling

Girls should now break the glass ceiling 

Above their head for long it was hanging 

Integrity and modesty not for bargaining 

Parents should empower in upbringing 

Never accompany bad man for drinking

No girl should be crazy for job hiring

Me too should be a lesson for inspiring 

Male please help in me too propagating. 

Files coming soon.

New Poems

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I am a rolling stone

In the friction of time
I am a rolling stone
Time has made me plain
The friction removed all stain
Sometimes on hilly spring
Sometimes on the river bed
Time flow above me
The truck carries to sunny road
Bearing severe pressure and pain
I wait for good days and rain
But my hope goes in vane
Only sorrow and tears I gain
In the long run my surface become smooth
The morning rays reflect rainbow
The butterfly rests on my surface
The child said "wow what a beautiful stone!"

Pressure made me diamond

The pressure of pain made me strong
I survived millions of years long
Though I was carbon abandoned
Time changed me to become diamond;
Persistence and perseverance make you bold
A brave new world everyday unfold
New history is made which was untold
At premium your innovation will be sold;
Whenever you fall down in the journey
Immediately stand up and start the tourney
While fetching honey the bee may bite
But for the best taste you must fight;
The pleasure and pain two sides of the coin
You will be successful if both side you can join
Difficulties and hurdles are only dotted line
Attitude and hard work make everything fine.

Howdy Modi

Howdy Modi, Howdy Modi
Chidambaram is rowdy
Modi and Trump together
Indo-American friendship forever
Fusion of Indian culture with America
It glows like Jesus's cloth veronica
Modi haters face once again blackened
Whole opposition is now drunken;
Howdy Modi, Howdy Modi
Imran and Pakistan is now rowdy
Article three seventy abrogated
India can never be segregated
Houston address will be always remembered
In Modi era India is moving fast towards development
Howdy Modi will bring lot of improvement
One day no Indian will remain insolvent.

Free meal

In the world no free meal
But your money can be steal
People will come with fake deal
Every moment they will try to kill
No one will come forward to heal
In the sea will sink your zeal
Forever your future will seal
Your bank balance will be nil
You will be unable to pay bill
No money even to buy pill
Never run after free money and meal
Work hard with determination and will.

Better remain shy

Never hurt anybody's soul
You will score only self-goal
Harsh words are like boomerang
Never allow it to come to tongue
Word once told can't be taken back
In future it may again reflect and rack
Word is omnipotent never it die
Always speak the truth not a lie
Your foul word may force a friend to cry
When angry better to remain shy.

Cry for a while

When heart is full of sorrow
Rain is needed for better tomorrow
Crying is not always a bad thing
Lot of relief to mind it can bring
The tears will wash away pain
Clear will be your chocked drain
Smile will come back to your face again
For the heart crying is like rain
Don't allow negative emotions to pile
Bring rainbow to life crying for a while.