Mentoring is a process continuing in our society since beginning of the human civilization in one form or the other. However, with development of modern society and breakdown of old order, the system of mentoring also came under pressure and became defunct. The earliest well-described case of mentoring was the case of Arjuna, described in ‘Mahabharata’. Before the start of the war of Mahabharata, Arjuna and Duryodhana both went to the house of Lord Krishna seeking his help in the war. Duryodhana got all the warriors of Yadav dynasty and Arjuna got only one man, Lord Krishna as his spiritual counselor and mentor. And the result of the war is known to all of us. Then we have ‘Chanayka’ the mentor of Chandragupta Murya. During earlier days in a joint family system, the head of the family functioned as mentor of the family. Some times the village headman or priest also functioned as a mentor of the village or locality. But this no longer exists. Due to breakdown of old social order, joint family system and increase in social complexity, fast life, pressure of work, increased anxiety and tension due to changed value system, people are still in need of mentors. This is more pronounce for young people in transition and looking for a path, direction. Parents alone cannot guide the young and restless who want to conquer the world. This where the insurgent groups strike and mentoring in appropriate time can change the whole scenario.

The word mentor means experienced and trusted adviser of an inexperience person. Mentoring may be defined as “a process where by a young and inexperienced individual (protégé) receives guidance from a mature and experienced person through a one-to-one relationship with the aim to foster human talent and promote a particular culture”. In our present case it should be ‘to promote peace and work culture’ for our mother land and future generation. The mentor’s responsibilities include monitoring and advising on developments for their proteges, coaching on specific skills and behavior. Counseling on personal issues, neither problems nor taken care of by parents due to various reasons. A mentor need not necessarily be a well-qualified or intellectual person, he should only be experienced enough who has seen the world through his own experience and have a rational and realistic view about life. Mentoring is not a religious process and it is only a social process to make the society happy, peaceful and better place to live where every body in the society is concerned for human values.

Due to commercialization of education and degradation of social, moral and ethical values it is high time that our schools and colleges should introduce mentoring services for the students in their institutions. Voluntary organization or NGO in particular locality or village can also introduce mentoring services. For this purpose, NGO can select respected and experienced citizens of the locality as mentors. Trust is a vital essence of mentoring, without which mentoring can’t succeed. So, mentor must build a mutual trust and confidence of the protégé. Once a mutual trust and confidence is built up, many misguided youths can be brought back to the main stream of society and new young people can be stopped from going in the wrong direction. Thus, mentoring can play a vital role in bringing back peace and counter the insurgency problem in Assam.  

The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is:decide what you want.


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