Dos and don’ts during self-quarantine and lock down period for:


(i) Don’t take Crocin/Paracetamol tablet if you develop fever

(ii) Don’t go out of your home

(iii) Don’t spread rumour through social media

(iv) Don’t forward unverified message

Dos :

(i) Stay inside home

(ii) Wash hands regularly

(iii) Use mask and hand gloves if you have to go out due to emergency

(iv) Use sanitizer as and when necessary

(v) If you develop fever call your doctor or emergency helpline immediately

(vi) Suck/chew two vitamin C tablets (LIMCEE+ or equivalent)

(vii) Eat vegetarian food and avoid meat, fish, eggs, cheese

(viii) Before going to bed take half bucket of hot water (which your legs can tolerate) and add one tea spoonful of common salt. Put both your legs for in the water for 5/10 minutes. Massage both the legs with mastered oil (if possible hot mastered oil with garlic)

(ix) Do anulum-bilum and kapalbhatti as suggested by Baba Ramdev regularly

(x) Do optimum exercise/walking daily  

(xi) Take Giloy and Tulsi juice with warm water

(xii) Take large quantity of fruit juice if possible

(xiii) Cut 2/3 pieces of lemon and put them in hot water and drink it when it becomes tepid

(xiv) Drink two cups of green tea

(xv) Take garlic and ginger with food

(xvi) Raw Turmeric juice with milk if possible

(xvii) Eat banana, apple, orange, grapes etc if available

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