Einstein, idiot and relativity.


  • Galileo, Newton and Einstein are the three scientists who had shaped today’s physics and are most well know prophet in the history of science. In fact, after Einstein nothing revolutionary thing had happened in the world of physics which can over shine Einstein’s theory of Relativity.In the classical physics space, time and mass are considered to be absolute. According to Newton, time is absolute “by its very nature flowing uniformly without reference to ant thing external”. Hence according to him there is a universal time flowing at a constant rate, unaffected by motion or position of objects and observers. But Einstein rejects this absolute nature of fundamental quantities, space, time and mass postulated by classical physics. Einstein put forward a revolutionary idea that there is no absolute time, as time may be variable from one observer to another. For Einstein, therefore, a physical ‘event’ is never merely a ‘fact’, because at least some of its aspects are manifested somewhere to some body. When our physics teacher first gave us the lecture on Einstein’s theory of relativity, we found it quite difficult to understand the theory and philosophy of the theory. In our hostel there was a hostel boy popularly known as gadha(idiot). Everybody called him gadha and his actual name was lost and he also accepted his name as gadha. I did not know how he got his gadha name, but it was a fact that his I.Q. was very poor. Sometimes we sent gadha to the university bank to withdraw money if we could not go due to some reason. That day I gave gadha a cheque to withdraw some money from the bank, when he told me that he did not have the bicycle as it was taken by somebody else and so he could not go. I asked how far would be the bank. He thought for a while and replied “if I went on foot, it will be four files”. How far it will be if you go on a bicycle. “It would be about two miles”. And how far it would be if you go by an Ambassador (that time Maruti was not on the road). “Then it would be adha(half) mile. And if you go by an aeroplane or rocket? He thought for a while and replied “I did not know”. Suddenly my mind moved to relativity and I was stunned how gadha understands Einstein’s theory of relativity so well. I asked him how he knew about Einstein’s theory of relativity and who taught him about relativity. He looked towards me innocently and told that he had not heard of Einstein or relativity. I thought for a while and realized that only common sense is required to understand relativity and what gadha told me was from his common sense. I had also realized that common sense is more important than I.Q. to live as a human in this relative world. I was very much thankful to him for teaching me relativity and fact of life and from that day I never called him gadha.